AARP acquires new members with new direct response campagin

AARP acquires new members with new direct response campagin
Since its inception in 1958, AARP has grown and changed dramatically in response to societal changes, while remaining true to its founding principles:
• Promote independence, dignity and purpose for older persons
• Enhance the quality of life for older persons
• Encourage older people “To serve, not to be served”
After their initial direct response campaign did not meet their expectations, , Dumont Project and AARP teamed up with Canvas Films and independent DRTV Consultant, Lee Zoppa, to re-work their existing materials into a new set of commercials.
Using data gathered from a focus group to fine-tune both the :120 and :60 commercials we produced spots that out-performed the previous "control" spots.
AARP saw an increase on their :120 spot CVR that was +16% higher resulting in improved CPO by 10%
By optimizing their CTA, highlighting the important benefits and fine-tuning their testimonials, the Canvas Films DRTV team helped AARP increase their membership almost immediately with the new short form direct response campaign.

AARP - Slice of Life - :120

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