Post Production Facility

From HD to 4K - 6K - 8K Digital Cinema files, we have a workflow perfected for your project.

We have translated our experience in traditional post production workflows to the latest in digital acquisition formats. Canvas Films stays up-to-date with the latest hardware, software and music libraries. Graphics design, DaVinci Resolve color-correction, 3D animation and audio sweetening will bring your project to life.

Call 954-767-8766 to book our post-production suite today.

Canvas Films produces, writes, directs, lights, shoots and edits:

• HD Editing Suite (Adobe CC | Final Cut X)
• Graphics & VFX Suite (Adobe CC | Cinema 4D)
• RED Rocket Card
• DaVinci Resolve Color Correction
• Audio Sweetening Tools
• 98TB RAID 6 Storage
• VO Recording Booth
• LTO5 Data Backup & Restore
• Various Music Libraries

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