Specialty Camera Equipment

Canvas Films is experienced with numerous types of specialty gear ranging from hand-held gimbals to techno-cranes and much more.

Specialty gears bring your South Florida video production to the next level. Whether you want to get the perfect, smooth walking shot using a Ronin with gimbal or you want to get an amazing establishing shot using the latest drone, Canvas Films can provide you with what you need.
We keep up with the latest technology and make sure we have experienced and trained crew members who can get you the shot you want, the first time.

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We are experienced with numerous types of specialty production gear such as:

• Ronin 3-Axis gimbal

• Steadicam

• Car Rigs – Russian Arm

• Matthews – Fisher – Doorway – Dana Dollies

• Drone with operator

• GoPro with accessories

• Jimmy Jib

• Techno-Crane

• Helicopter with gimbal-stablizer

• Phantom Flex slow motion

• Chase boat

• And more …

Check out our latest Jimmy-Jib production demo

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