Digitial Cinema Production Crews

RED, Arri, Blackmagic Design, Sony - Which one is the right one?

At Canvas Films we believe in using the best tools to get the job done. Following in the philosophy we don’t subscribe to the belief that one camera is better than the other. Each camera has it pluses and it minuses depending on the job at hand. With that in mind, Canvas Films is experienced working with each of the new digital cinema camera formats and takes pride in having perfected a post workflow for each camera. Editing in AVID, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere? Canvas Films will make sure you receive the right file formats so you can start editing with your footage right after the shoot.
With new cameras such as the RED Epic, RED Scarlett, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Sony F55, Canon C500, etc always being released, Canvas Films makes sure to stay up-to-date on the features and benefits of all the camera, new and old, available for your miami video production. No matter what camera you want to use, Canvas Films will make sure you get the shoots you need with the camera you want. No matter what camera you have in mind, Canvas Films Digital Cinema crew can handle it.

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