Miami - Ft. Lauderdale Post Production Editing

We have Adobe and Final Cut suites available to edit your projects.

No matter what platform you prefer the editors at Canvas Films are well-versed and ready to accommodate any project. Our award-winning editors are more than just button pushers, using your ideas and their creativity we will make your project shine.
All editing and color correction is done in one our Digital Cinema editing or Color Correction suites. We have the expertise and tools to work with any format including RED, Arri, HDCam, DVC-Pro, H.264, P2, XDcam, SXS or whatever new file format will come out tomorrow. We keep all our equipment up-to-date to ensure it works with all the latest formats and runs all the latest software. Our suites are used to cut spots ranging from national broadcast commercials to long form infomercials to corporate videos to internet marketing campaigns. Combining our experience, attention to detail and high quality expectations we will finish a video for your that exceeds your expect ions but not your budget.

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Some features of our Ft. Lauderdale editing suite

• Adobe CC Suite – Final Cut X

• Photoshop – After-Effects – Illustrator – Etc

• Large producer desk and client couch

• Large 55″ color calibrated client monitor

• 98TB RAID 6 storage with mirrored backup

• VO audio booth – Audio sweetening software

DaVinci Resolve color-correction

• Large selection of license-able music

• LTO-5 Video & Data Archive – Restore

Check out our latest DaVinci Resolve color-correction demo

With a proper colorist and color-correction techniques and hardware the artist at Canvas Films can make your video perfect.

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