Broward County Film Commission – A World Apart

About the project

When the Broward County Film Commission was looking for a Ft. Lauderdale Production Company to put together a sizzle reel showing off Broward’s unique, compelling and picturesque locations, they came to experienced crew at Canvas Films to produce them a video they would use to market Broward county worldwide.

Shot entirely in 4K using the RED ONE MX camera over the course of many months, Canvas Films’ location scouts scoured Broward county for the perfect locations and the perfect time of day to shoot them. After all the production around South Florida, Canvas Films then used our in-house DaVinci 4K Resolve to give each shot the perfect look to make it seem like the locations could pass for anywhere in the world.

Whether shooting from a helicopter, dolly or even a hands-free segway, Canvas Films Director of Photography got everything needed to help the Broward County Film Commission show film industry professional worldwide that Broward is more than just palm trees and beaches.

Broward County Film Commission